Free Video Downloader

Video Downloader allows you to download videos of all known formats: mp4, webm, mpeg, ogg, etc. The extension also allows you to download HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) videos. HLS video is saved to your computer in a file with the .ts extension, which you can later view in any media player.


Supported video formats

.mp4 extension files
adaptive video streaming
streaming video
.avi extension files
.3gp extension files

The extension downloads video files of different formats, here are only a small part of them.

Video download instructions

  • Go to the site and click on the play video you want to download.
  • Click on the extension icon in the upper right corner of your browser as shown in the screenshot and select the video you need from the list
  • Wait for the download to complete, the downloaded video will be saved to your download folder

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User Testimonials

скачивает как по маслу
олег харюков

Great extension. It really works and downloading videos is not a problem now. I recommend.
Nicole Smith

The extension is very convenient and easy. Downloads videos on the fly.
Witch You

I really liked the extension, it works great!
robert greesy

Дмитрий Шевцов

john jack